We’re sure that there’s no work better than farming…

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We are carrying on a tradition for over a century
Our family has cared for our soil, collaborators and product quality since the very beginning. We pride ourselves on being respectful and caring about our crops and cattle like we were taught from our parents.

La Capullana is in Sullana, one of the main cities of Piura, in the northern part of Perú. The farm is situated 5° from the equator, this privileged location gives us more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Every day filled with 12 hours of light, making our farm especially productive. Most years we have consistent rain from December to March, additionally the farm receives water supply from the Poechos dam at the border with Ecuador

Over many years of dedicated work, we have gained much experience with various types of crops, like sweet potato, asparagus, tomatoes, melon, figs, strawberries, corn, onion and squash. All these, along with fodder crops to feed cattle like chicken, hens, goats, sheep and dairy cows.

Our goal is to provide the best quality produce; hence we do not support any GMO nor do we use synthetic pesticides. For plague control we turn to the use of yeast, fungus and insects.

Over the last 6 years, we have focused our efforts on 5,000 Medjool date palms and due to very good conditions and attention have already seen harvests earlier than expected. Our palms have developed offshoots more rapidly than in other regions of the world due to the lack of winter in Sullana. The survival rate for transplants have been around 75%.

It is our sincere intention and goal to offer the best product complying with our customers requests and expectations. We expect to create long term business relationships built in trust and commitment so we can grow together in this industry so full of potential that is farming.

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